My first week

I know it was a little quiet around here for the past few days. But on one hand I had a shameload of work to do here and on the other hand I wanted to spend as much time as possible with my girlfriend, who joined me here for the first week.

I’m fine. Apart from a few minor setbacks everything went down smoothly. I will get to those later. I’ve been to the University and to the beach nearby and I’m now sitting in my (almost) fully equipped apartment. I’ve been to town a few times already and my girlfriend and I were able to do some daytrips, some groceries and we went to IKEA (thank god for the rental car). The weather is actually quite nice at the moment and it’s supposed to stay like this for the next couple of days (talking about mostly sunny weather and >15°C).

For general entertainment, let me get back to the above mentioned setbacks:

1: The journey. It took us 17 hours to get from our apartment in Switzerland to my new apartment in Reykjavik. This was mostly due to the 6,5h layover in Copenhagen, but also due to the neverending queue for Covid-Testing at Reykjavik airport (75mins, surrounded with screaming childern…). To tip it off, we booked a car with the only company that had a queue at the counter at the airport… but hey, we made it and finally arrived at 21.30 o‘ clock.

2: The apartment. Fully equipped they said. The never-mentioned exceptions were: table, pillows, blankets, cooking pots, curtains and some other small stuff. So the first night we slept on our jackets under a blanked made of bathroom towels and with self-made eye masks. But we slept.
I still don’t have any curtains or tables, but they should arrive tomorrow. At least that’s what they told me on august 14th 🙂
Take home message: Tinfoil makes great curtains.

3: The apartment pt2. If you’re outside the apartment and close the door, it will remain closed. Like in a hotel room. Only that there isn’t a receptionist that’s going to help you if you locked yourself out. That’s all you need to know about this one. Sorry again, Mr. Bödvar!

4: The Corona-Test: Have you ever had to do one? When you arrive in Iceland you get to do two!

There were more. But maybe I need some of the stuff for further posts… so that’s that for today. Have a gread one folks!

Ein Kommentar zu “My first week

  1. Schön, dass nicht alles Rund läuft, sonst wäre es ja nicht ein kleines Abenteuer .Ich bin mir sicher, bald bis du mit Herrn Bödvar per Du.

    Ich wünsche dir eine tolle Zeit.



    Gefällt mir

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