Last week before school

Next week, on august 27th, school will begin. My first lecture will be on change management and leadership. And the teacher seems quite demanding: Two books and around 10 articles should be read by then. This doesn’t even seem unusual, since the teacher of the next lecture (on organizational psychology) wants us to read another 400 pages (A4) for his class.

But even though teachers make sure, we won’t get bored, there’s still a lot of leisure time. Experience of this week shows that I’ve got to invest something between 20 and 30 hours per week in my degree, which is ok considering that the matter is highly interesting.

A week by definition has 7 days and therefore 144 hours. Around 56 of those hours are taken by sleep, another 30 by school; that leaves me with 58 hours of leisure time. What to do with all that time?
Luckily the weather continued to be very nice. Almost everyday I went to Nautholsvik beach in Reykjavik, which is only a 15min walk away. At the moment, entry is free. There’s a hot tub and a steam bath – and of course the north atlantic. And there’s even a man made lagoon in which they pump excess hot water, keeping the temperature at around 19 degrees. But come one… why go to Iceland and bath in warm water? The ocean temperature is around 11/12 degrees – and it’s actually quite nice to switch from the hot tub to the ocean and back. If you ever come to Iceland – do it.
The rest of the time I spend with the other students in the house. We cook together regularly (actually a friend and I are going to cook for the whole floor this very evening) and yes, we party. The first party took place on thursday, when we decided to invite some people to our floor after the bar closed (they still all close at 23:00 due to Covid-19). Turns out, they did well on isolation in this house.

See you all soon!

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