Two friends of mine and I took a trip to the Westfjords last weekend. If you’re ever coming to Iceland, make sure to plan some time for this detour. Yes, detour… the Westfjords are surely one of the most remote places in Iceland to visit, but it’s absolutely worth going there! The rugged nature seems barely untouched. Apart from a few roads (most of them are accessable with a „regular“ 2WD car, but I would recommend going there with a 4WD car, e.g. a small SUV) and even fewer towns, it’s just you and the nature. We sometimes drove 1 hour without seeing any cars or houses – where in western Europe do you get that these days!?

We stayed in an Airbnb in the biggest town of the Westfjords, called ‚Isafjördur‘ (approx. 2’700 inhabitants). Isafjördur has some bars and even a brewery but due to Covid-19 and the lack of tourists, there wasn’t much going on. During the day you can go for a variety of shorter and longer hikes, drive to the most beautiful waterfall in Iceland in 1,5 hours (called Dynjandi), go for a swim in the local pool and, in winter, there’s also a skiing area. Apart from skiing, that’s pretty much what we did. The highlight was probably the fact, that we got to see some whales and seals swimming in the fjord on our way home.

Also, check out some pictures:

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