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Modern problems require modern solutions

I’m sure many of you remember that I wasn’t too happy to learn that I couldn’t go to Switzerland on October 3rd. If not, that’s not too bad, because I remember it vividly.

But as so often, smaller setbacks should not lead to giving up, but to finding creative new ways. So the question was: Which easily accessible country that is not on Switzerland’s risk list allows entries from risk countries without having to undergo quarantine? Germany. Germany only requires a negative PCR test, if you enter from a risk area. Danke Merkel!

So I did my 4th Covid test last Wednesday (yes, throat and nose swab) and travelled to Frankfurt the day after to meet my girlfriend there. On Sunday evening I travelled back and was allowed to do my 5th Covid test (again negative – by the way: at the end of the week number 6 will follow. Yes, Iceland takes testing very seriously).

Meanwhile Covid-Cases in Switzerland are skyrocketing. From 700 on September 28th to 1’500 on October 5th to 4’000 on October 12th (in 72h, not 24h). Unfortunatly, it seems that Switzerland’s still busy pointing fingers instead of acting. I really hope for all my Swiss friends, that the Federal Council will take leadership again soon. Until then, stay safe and healthy!


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