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How to go on?

Iceland has extended its lockdown until the 17th of November and put even tougher restrictions in effect. Gatherings with more than 10 people are no longer allowed, which includes Schools, Universities, Restaurants… so de facto there’s nothing you can do outside your own four walls but exercises and go for short trips.

All my classes for this semester have now been moved online, as did all my exams in December. At the same time, Switzerland has finally eased the quarantine measures at its borders. So how to go on?

Should I just stay in Iceland until the 13th of December as planned? Or should I just book the next flight and go back to Switzerland until the next semester starts in January 2021?

I will now wait how Iceland will continue after November 17th. If the restrictions will be as tough as they were the last couple of weeks, I’ll search for the next cheap flight and enjoy the warm weather and long days of Switzerland. …what a shame :-/


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