New year‘s eve

We’re certainly all aware that this year held big challenges for all of us. Probably everybody had to deal with some sort of feelings of anxiety or stress or even with severe physical health issues due to Covid.

These negative feelings might create more negative thoughts that create even more stress and anxiety. In his book ‚flourish’, psychologist Dr. Seligman suggests a way to deal with these situations: write down positive events of the day every evening. Those can be ‚everyday things‘ like a good meal or meeting a friend. Whenever you feel down, take a look at your list to help you getting back on track.

So I thought why not starting a list with ten positive things I have experienced this year:

  1. staying healthy and covid-free throughout the whole year
  2. not having lost anything or anybody due to covid
  3. getting my BSc diploma in January
  4. temporarily leave Switzerland to do a MSc in Iceland (full-time)
  5. my girlfriend supporting me and my decision to do so
  6. my former employer supporting me and my decision to do so
  7. lots of amazing hikes in Switzerland with my friends
  8. making new friends in Iceland
  9. managing to feel home in Iceland
  10. having a whole new experience by having no income and thus being forced to reduce consumption as much as possible

Give yourselves a break from all the negativity you had to face throughout 2020 – you deserve it. I wish you all a great 2021. Stay healthy and see you soon.

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