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New year‘s eve

We’re certainly all aware that this year held big challenges for all of us. Probably everybody had to deal with some sort of feelings of anxiety or stress or even with severe physical health issues due to Covid. These negative feelings might create more negative thoughts that create even more stress and anxiety. In his„New year‘s eve“ weiterlesen


I’m coming home

And suddenly it all happens very quickly. Originally, I wanted to stay in Switzerland from 16.12.2020-30.12.2020. Due to the quarantine measures at the Icelandic border, I decided to change the dates to 13.12.2020 – 10.01.2021. Then, because the situation worsened, I changed the dates to 03.12.2020 – 10.01.2021. And because my flight on 03.12.2020 got„I’m coming home“ weiterlesen

Trip to the south / Statement to last post

Edit: First things first… I just saw that there was a post with inappropriate content posted on this blog. At this point, I don’t know what happened, but I can guarantee, that I was not responsible for this. I will change my login and hope that this won’t happen again. If so, please let me„Trip to the south / Statement to last post“ weiterlesen

How to go on?

Iceland has extended its lockdown until the 17th of November and put even tougher restrictions in effect. Gatherings with more than 10 people are no longer allowed, which includes Schools, Universities, Restaurants… so de facto there’s nothing you can do outside your own four walls but exercises and go for short trips. All my classes„How to go on?“ weiterlesen

Boredom – oh wait… an earthquake

I have to admit that there were more interesting times for y’all readers… But, unfortunately there is not much to tell at the moment. Covid still has us under control. Though it looks much better than 2 weeks ago (currently 30 cases per day), we are still in some kind of „lockdown light“ until November„Boredom – oh wait… an earthquake“ weiterlesen

Modern problems require modern solutions

I’m sure many of you remember that I wasn’t too happy to learn that I couldn’t go to Switzerland on October 3rd. If not, that’s not too bad, because I remember it vividly. But as so often, smaller setbacks should not lead to giving up, but to finding creative new ways. So the question was:„Modern problems require modern solutions“ weiterlesen