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New year‘s eve

We’re certainly all aware that this year held big challenges for all of us. Probably everybody had to deal with some sort of feelings of anxiety or stress or even with severe physical health issues due to Covid. These negative feelings might create more negative thoughts that create even more stress and anxiety. In his„New year‘s eve“ weiterlesen

I’m coming home

And suddenly it all happens very quickly. Originally, I wanted to stay in Switzerland from 16.12.2020-30.12.2020. Due to the quarantine measures at the Icelandic border, I decided to change the dates to 13.12.2020 – 10.01.2021. Then, because the situation worsened, I changed the dates to 03.12.2020 – 10.01.2021. And because my flight on 03.12.2020 got„I’m coming home“ weiterlesen

How to go on?

Iceland has extended its lockdown until the 17th of November and put even tougher restrictions in effect. Gatherings with more than 10 people are no longer allowed, which includes Schools, Universities, Restaurants… so de facto there’s nothing you can do outside your own four walls but exercises and go for short trips. All my classes„How to go on?“ weiterlesen

Thoughts on money

I just read – in the Icelandic media! – that Geneva has voted on a minimum wage a couple of days ago (roughly CHF 4’000.- or ISK 600’000 a month when working 40 hours a week). Reading this made me ponder about money for a couple of minutes. So, let’s talk a little bit about„Thoughts on money“ weiterlesen

Aurora borealis

Many people ask me if northern lights, or aurora borealis, are already visible in Iceland. And yes, they are. They are basically there all year long, it’s just too bright to see them during the summer months. The first time we saw them was at around 2.30 am on August 23rd. And since about one„Aurora borealis“ weiterlesen

Trip canceled

That was rough and disappointing. I would’ve came back to Switzerland for a 10-day visit on October 3rd, but since the Federal Counsil put Iceland on Switzerland’s list of high-risk countries, that doesn’t seem possible anymore. There’s no point in following a strict quarantine for 10 days, just to come back to Iceland and quarantine„Trip canceled“ weiterlesen


Two friends of mine and I took a trip to the Westfjords last weekend. If you’re ever coming to Iceland, make sure to plan some time for this detour. Yes, detour… the Westfjords are surely one of the most remote places in Iceland to visit, but it’s absolutely worth going there! The rugged nature seems„Westfjords“ weiterlesen

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