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Boredom – oh wait… an earthquake

I have to admit that there were more interesting times for y’all readers…

But, unfortunately there is not much to tell at the moment. Covid still has us under control. Though it looks much better than 2 weeks ago (currently 30 cases per day), we are still in some kind of „lockdown light“ until November 9th (much harder than Switzerland at the moment, less hard than Switzerland in March). Since entertainment facilities and bars etc. are closed, and the inhabitants of Reykjavik are asked not to leave the capital, life is more or less taking place within my own four walls.

As I write these lines, I was just remembering an event that is well worth telling from a Swiss perspective: Tuesday’s 5.6 magnitude earthquake. I was in a zoom meeting when the earth shook for about 5 to 6 seconds (and a few hours later there was a small aftershock). Even though there are small quakes in the Alps every now and then, 5.6 is rather special for Switzerland. If you want to know what 5.6 means, have a look at these videos:

Apart from Covid and Earthquakes, school is the main thing keeping me busy at the moment. The first grades have been announced (so far none under 8, resp. 5 in Switzerland, which is quite ok), at the same time I have school every week now and various group work on the side. On a voluntary basis I have also started to learn Icelandic. Maybe I can actually speak a few sentences when I return in May. So far, bless, bæ bæ, góda nótt and so on.


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